Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Nails In Nippon's 12 Days of Christmas Challenge

First off i want to apologise for the advent calendar posts falling short!
I havent had any time as i had to get my work done for hand-in then i've been helping with other people's work this week and this weekend i am going home for christmas.
I will hopefully be able to carry on making the skirt over christmas and i will upload a full tutorial in the new year. I'm very sorry for anyone who was waiting for those posts.

In anycase, i know i've fallen behind with the Fairy Kei challenge but on Nails In Nippon today she posted about a 12 days of christmas nail challenge that i am going to HAVE to do.

Day 1. Red Nails
Day 2. Silver Nails
Day 3. Green Nails
Day 4. Candy Cane Nails
Day 5. Wrapping Paper Nails
Day 6. Favorite Christmas Book
Day 7. Favorite Christmas Movie
Day 8. Glitter Nails
Day 9. My Choice
Day 10. My Choice
Day 11. My Choice
Day 12. Christmas Tree Nails

So this is what the list looks like. I am currently trying to organise myself for going home this weekend but i will post up an picture of my nails later today! :D

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