Wednesday, 30 November 2011

30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge Day 9

☆ Day nine: Your most treasured piece of clothing.

Most treasured piece of clothing? uhm..... i don't know! haha

I'll do two. one fairy kei-ish one other kind of clothing.

*goes and hunts around in her wardrobe*

I don't really have a treasured item of clothing. i treasure many things but clothing really isn't one. I guess because the clothes i have at my uni house are things that i have neither spent a lot of money on nor gone to a lot of effort to get them.

I guess when i get them my new AP socks, the satchel i am getting for xmas, my secret shop Starry Engineer boots and if i get it, a My Little Pony hoody i have my eyes on will all be in the running for treasured item.....

I have a couple pieces of jewellry i treasure though.

My Tiffany's ring that i got for my 21st birthday. It's silver with a pink sapphire in the centre of the heart. I love it and wear it every day. :)

Also there is my Headless Tess cupcake necklace

It's one of a kind! :) I bought it years ago and actually managed to lose it and was very upset about it too. Then i found it before i moved out stuffed in a bag stuffed in my wardrobe. oops!

Also on this list are my bracelets!

From the hand up:

a BFF bracelet my best friend gave me
My nomination bracelet i bought while in venic. i have 3 pretty links on there, one is an A for Amber, a Japanese flag and a guitar (because my boyfriend at the time played guitar, we're still friends which is why i kept it on there)

Rainbow stars were given to me by my friend on my birthday

Pink eye-shaped beads are from my friend from her holiday

blue crazy band is from my friend. it's shaped like a crown. :)

The red and black beaded one is a gift from cornwall from the same friend as the BFF bracelet.

The bright yellow band is from my E4 day (i didn't get it. :( )

and the last one is one i got when i went to see Cirque du Soliel the first time. it says "When i grow up i will run away and join the circus" on it. XD

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Internet Haul

So i just spent a little too much money online. I got paids early so went a bit mad. but i won't be buying myself anything but food for a while so i thought i'd treat myself.

First up is this pair of socks cause i don't have any purple ones

then i got this jumper cause omfg it's cute!

Both of these things are from The jumper was a BIT on the expensive side but it's too cute to pass up.

Last but definitely not least are these Angelic Pretty Lucky Pack socks i found on ebay of all places! :O

So happy! and now i can tick "buy something from AP" off my 101 in 1001 list. :D

30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge Day 8

☆ Day eight: How do your family and friends feel about the style?

Well my mum I think is a bit confused with my sudden love of pastel colours. I think she has the whole "you're a grown up. act like one" attitude to everything i like right now.

my friends are a bit like "whatever" i dont really talk to them about fashion because they're just like "you're so weird" if i say i like something a bit weird. I dont think they like it particularly but they keep their mouths shut for the most part....

such a supportive group of people. ¬_¬'

30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge Day 7

☆ Day seven: 5 songs that remind you of Fairy-Kei.

5 songs that make me think of Fairy Kei.....

hmmm..... tough question. let's see:

~1 PONPONPON by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

yes yes oh so predictible yet again but this song was released around the time i decided to seriously think about becoming more Fairy Kei. And around the time i began this blog. :)

~2 My Little Pony theme

for obvious reasons.

~3 Sekaichi Happy No Onna No Ko by C-ute

actually listen to this one if you have never heard it. XD

This song is proper hyper and happy and in the video they wear suuuuper foamy skirts. :) happiness all over which is what Fairy Kei is. :3

~4 Magic Girl by Orange Caramel

LOVED this song when it came out. Just the whole thing is one massive ball of happy. :)

~5 Endless Love by Yao Yao (the video says free love but on the album it's called Endless Love)

she's so cute! either this song or Di Di Da by her.

Angelic Pretty

So i've been pretty smitten with AP for a while now.

I'm mainly interested in the accessories because i know i'd never be able to afford the clothes or wear them properly.


Their new print Decoration Dream is frickin' adorable.

I LOVE that little horse shaped cookie thing. and all the colours wanna make me dance in a rainbow fountain. seriously. omg.

I need these socks in my life

anyone who knows me will tell you that i love over-the-knee socks and have a whole drawer full of them and these ones fit right in with my new-found love for Fairy Kei.

I'm hopefully going to PAris with my boyfriend for a weekend in the new year and hope to go to Angeis Pretty. Although i doubt they'd have these still then..... maybe i'll get them with my christmas money......

Sunday, 27 November 2011

30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge Day 6

☆ Day six: Your luckiest thrift-store find.

I still haven't got a photo of it. i'm really terrible with taking photos.

I wouldn't really call it a thrist store find because i got it all in H&M but i found a pair of boyfriend cut dungarees (overalls) which i have now cut into shorts and decorated with ribbons, a pair of pale orange pumpkin shorts, pink and white stripey skirt and a mint green slouchy skirt. all this cost me just £8!! bargain! considering the dungarees were originall £30 and each of the skirts were about £10 each originally i find this a very good find. :)

Saturday, 26 November 2011

30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge Day 5

☆ Day five: 5 of your favourite places to buy your clothes.

1 H&M - seriously if you get to the sale stuff in time you can get some great bargains. Plus their plain tshirts are great for customising

2 Primark - Totally cheap and cheerful and you can actually find some good stuff in there. If you look hard enough.

3 etsy/ebay - i grouped these two together because i hardly buy any clothes from them but you can get some great stuff.

4 Claire's - they have some really good kiddy jewelry but they are a bit on the pricey side.

5 Bodyline - now this is a new one to my list and i dont know how my stuff is because i accidentally got it sent to my
Parents and havent gotten it yet. But their petticoats and socks are totally fairy kei perfect.

Not the most intruiging or amazing list of shops but im a poor student so i cant shoo anywhere more interesting. Lol

Friday, 25 November 2011

30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge Day 4!

☆ Day four: 5 of your style-icons

Hmmm ok....

Numero Uno:
I know this is a really obvious one but Tavuchi.

I just love pretty much everything she wears! She is the definition of Fairy Kei really and i love her style. i want those shorts!! XD

Number Two:
Laffi from Serepuff

She's frickin' adorable. i love her daringness when it comes to mixing styles and her sewing skils never fail to impress me! :3

Spank! girl Eri!

Her style has a most subtle tone to it that i can relate my fashion to more. I really hate her fringe (bangs) though. XD

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

I know i know, but she's so cute! i love her style and her hen-gao and i try to inject a little insanity into my life everyday. she is today's dose. :D

Last but not least:
Whoever this girl is

I cant remember her name or even what her blog is. I was reading it the other da but she's totally amazing. literally everything she wears is wantable. She can do Airy Fairy Cutesy but also Hot Dang Sexy too. i want her wardrobe. XD

Thursday, 24 November 2011

30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge

☆ Day three: A picture or video of your bedroom.

psssh. i dont think so. my room is a mess right now. you can have a photo when i tidy it next week after my hand-in for uni. XD

Here's some Spank! stuff i find really inspiring and make me wanna sew my butt off instead.

Love the whole braces x highwaisted poofy skirt thing going on here.

Loving the different colours and patterns in all the different layers in this skirt. think it's Monascas Banana but oh well it was on Tavuchi's blog. the cool this is this skirt has bloomers attatched underneath already! :D

I dont want a patchwork backpack but i do want to make a patchwork flared skirt. :3

cute dress, cute socks, cute hair. i dont want to dress like her i want to BE her.

being almost an hourglass figure myself i love the idea of emphasising a tiny waist with a skirt like this. Plus Eric's style is totally adorable. :3

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge Day 2

☆ Day two: Why and how you got into Fairy-Kei.

Hmm..... you know, I dont even know!

I mean why do we get into anything? I loved the cute factor, and the colours and the total airy fairy ness! and i love the name. I mean what's NOT going to be adorable about a fashion called Fairy Kei? XD

I think i read about it online somewhere and a brief description and decided to look into it more. I think i was interested in looking up about Decora and Hime Gyaru and I prefered Fairy-Kei because it was more subtle i think. or it can be. XD

Just thought of another thing i dislike about fairy kei:

~ I hate it when i try to wear it and my friends look at me and go "wtf are you wearing?" it's meant to make me feel happy (which it does, have no fear) but i hate that it prompts people in the UK (dunno about the US) to look at you and be all like "eugh. wtf?" and i live in a student town!! lol!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

~* 30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge *~

So Laffi over on Millions of Bows has just started the 30 day fairy kei challenge. I thought it sounded like fun so i decided to do it as well! :) I wanted to do the Lolita challenge but not being Lolita and all, what would be the point. XD

The questions are:

☆ Day one: 5 things you like and 5 things you dislike about Fairy-Kei.

☆ Day two: Why and how you got into Fairy-Kei.

☆ Day three: A picture or video of your bedroom.

☆ Day four: 5 of your style-icons.

☆ Day five: 5 of your favourite places to buy your clothes.

☆ Day six: Your luckiest thrift-store find.

☆ Day seven: 5 songs that remind you of Fairy-Kei.

☆ Day eight: How do your family and friends feel about the style?

☆ Day nine: Your most treasured piece of clothing.

☆ Day ten: How do you react to positive comments or people curious about your style on the streets?

☆ Day eleven: How do you react to the negative ones?

☆ Day twelve: The craziest coord you’ve ever worn.

☆ Day thirteen: What do you carry in your bag?

☆ Day fourteen: Do you have any hobbies that you could consider ‘Fairy-Kei’?

☆ Day fiveteen: Something you or a friend made themselves
☆ Day sixteen: How did you dress before Fairy-Kei?

☆ Day seventeen: Do you dress in also another style, e.g. Lolita.

☆ Day eighteen: How do you dress when you go to school?

☆ Day nineteen: 5 of your favourite toys.

☆ Day twenty: What do you see in Fairy-Kei in general in the next 5 years?

☆ Day twenty-one: 5 of your favourite cartoons.

☆ Day twenty-two: The most expensive thing you’ve ever bought.

☆ Day twenty-three: 10 of your favourite foods.

☆ Day twenty-four: Your favourite motif.

☆ Day twenty-five: How do people in school/work react to how you’re dressed?

☆ Day twenty-six: If you could put any phrase on a conversation-heart sweet, what would it be?

☆ Day twenty-seven: Your dream job?

☆ Day twenty-eight: 5 of your favourite places.

☆ Day twenty-nine: Your favourite colour-combo.

☆ Day thirty!: Do you see yourself wearing Fairy Kei in 5 years time?

So! Day one!

5 things I like about Fairy Kei:
~ The colour palette - i love pastel colours and the ability to wear an outfit with loads of pastels in without it clashing is great!

~ The layers - layers petticoats on top of each other looks so cute!

~ The characters - all the 80s characters are things i loved when i was a kid so it's really fun to find a My Little Pony tshirt or something and make it kinda cool! XD

~ The girlyness - fairy kei makes me feel cute and girly again

~ The freedom - you can basically do anything with fairy kei, dress how you want as long as you stick to the colour palette and themes. I also love the creativity of it and the DIY aspect. i love how Spank!'s stuff all looks handmade (because it is!)

5 Things I Dislike:

~ Difficult to find - it's sooooo hard to find things to add to my fairy kei wardrobe!! Original 80s stuff is impossible to find and when i go shopping to find something particular there is never anything right. I think it's part of the DIY part too that it's hard to buy something with the intention of altering it. And a lot of things i see that i like i just go "well i can just make that myself" then never do. lol

~ The Layers - yeah i know i said i liked them but i also hate them. putting on too many layers just makes me look fat and frumpy and with the size of my chest, it's hard to wear more than like 2 layers.

~ The connections to Lolita - ok ok so i dont exactly dislike it but when i find a cute fairy kei post but it's the only one on a lolita themed blog it gets on my nerves. I love reading lolita blogs but i wanna see more fairy kei blog posts people! XD

~ The price - even when you do find a fairy kei gem, it's all suuuuper expensive. I'm a student and very poor so this is a kick in the balls (so to speak).

that's all i can think of really. XD

Friday, 11 November 2011

First Bodyline Order

And Ladies and Gents! I have made my first step towards becoming slightly more Lolita!

I made my first bodyline order the other day and it has already been shipped out. Stupidly though i got it shipped to my parents so might not get it for a while yet.

I took advantage of the $1 shipping to anywhere which admittedly was what put me off before. :)

I got the Soft Cream Skirt in blue

I figured it was the colourway i would wear most. i dont like black, the pink was too pink and the mint may not have gone with the colour tops i have.

I also got the polka dot pannier in emblu whatever that is.
plae blue i guess. XD

aaand these socks in blue. It was a very blue order.... :/

anyway. i cant wait to get it!! :D

Where did i go??

Heeeey everyone!

first of sorry my last post was so random! I'll tell you all about that in a second.
secondly, homigawd i have new followers! hiiii! XD

Ok so the reason why i've not been very active with my blogging recently is because i've been uber busy and keep forgetting to blog about what i'm doing. yeah total lameo i know but its all water under the bridge. i have forgiven myself already. XD

Anyways, on tuesday the 8th of november i went to the Channel 4 building in London to attend an E4 recruitment day to because an "E4er" it will involve blogging about new upcoming stuff on E4 and promoting it to the world! I dont know if i have been chosen yet (i will find out in a few weeks)but it was a great day and as really excellent experience!
I had no idea where i was going when i came out of St James Park tube station but i followed my iphone and where it told me to go when all of a sudden BAM!

it was just there! the 4 out the front is like loads of giant balloons (i poked one) and unless you stand at the right angle they dont match up, just like in the channel 4 adverts. :)
The day was filled with complete madness! we were split into 3 teams, pink, green ad yellow. I was in yellow. We then had to do a variety of different tasks which included creating our own super heroes (how would we use the powers to spread the E4 word?), creating a new tv show that has never been shown on E4 before and promoting an "Esting". They are little videos of filler put in between shows and adverts that viewers create and send in. :) So, hence the link in my last post. we had to blog, tweet, facebook, email, text and call everyway we knew how to get as many views of our team's Esting in the space of an hour. Our team came second over all. It was a really great day and made all the better by the AMAZING goodie bag we got at the end. an E4 bag, E4 notebook and the complete series of skins, misfits and inbetweeners. :) I had a lot of fun! fingers crossed for getting a place! XD

I've now finished my christmas shopping! yay! i started in july and finished this week. im satying at my parents this week and went with my mum and my brother in 2 different days. :D

on one of these trips i went into H&M and what a haul i got there! I dont have any photos yet but i'll put one up when i do!
I got a pair of denim overalls which i will be cutting short and customising, a mint high waisted skirt, a pink stripey skirt and a pair of pale orange shorts. :) all of this cost me £8! not even joking! my mind was blown. XD The mint skirt needs a bit of decoration though. it's kinda plain. something like a cute pocket or lace or something. :)

let's see what else have i been up to...

oh! this year I decided to chip in with mum's christmas stockings and made soap for everyone. i found a tutorial on making snow globe soaps which looked so cool and i decided to try myself. however they didnt really turn out that well. you can see the little things i put inside if you ho;d them up to the light but other than that it didnt really work as i hoped. i think the were too big and round for the size of things i put inside. but i'm still giving them out. :) on the same day i made these soaps i got some fluffy wool. it's been really hard to find the right yarn for making those mokomoko hair pins/brooches but i finally found some great stuff!

It's so fluffy and soft! XD
My mokomoko accessories arent ready for photos yet but they're coming along nicely. I keep making stuff too big then having to unwrap them and cut them smaller. haha. oh well.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Hello everyone! please click this link and forever be awesome!! :)

watch teh e-sting and enjoy!!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Dissertation Questionaire

Hey everyone!
So as i'm in my 3rd year at uni, i have to write my dissertation this year.
I am writing mine one Lolita!
I have written a questionaire that i would really appreciate if some people could answer for me. It is aimed for people who wear Lolita themselves and are part of their local Lolita community.
please could you answer them as honestly as you can and post your answers as a comment under this post. If there are enough people who answer i might do a mini giveaway so stay tuned after you answer! :)

1 - what age group do you fit into?:
under 15
over 30

2 - Sex: (male/female)

3 - Your preferred Lolita style: (eg: classic, gothic, sweet, etc)

4 - Why do you wear/ Why did you become interested in the Lolita fashion?
What is it particularly about the fashion that appeals to you?

5 - Why do you think other girls wear lolita?

6- Do you:
a) buy and wear only brand
b) prefer to make your own clothes
c) like to buy clothes but stick to stores like BodyLine or replica stores like Dream of Lolita
and Secret Shop?

7 - Do you follow the strict rules outlined for the correct attire and ettiquette?

8 - Do you believe that following these rules is required to be a "true Lolita"?

9 - Are there other Lolitas in your area? If so, where abouts in the world are you and
how many others are there near you?

10 - Are you or do you know of any "lifestyle lolitas"?

11 - What is your opinion on the concept that a strict Lolita lifestyle can be compared to
a cult or religion?

9 - Do you agree in anyway that there is a connection between the Lolita fashion
and the novel written by Vladimir Nabokov?

Thank you in advance!!


This post is a good few days late but i hope everyone had a happy halloween!

I didnt dress up or do anything because i lost my ID. :(

but i did carve my pumpkin and have a little too much fun in shibuya booth altering pictures of my rats. XD

Can you tell what its supposed to be? It's Cat Bus from My Neighbour Totoro. :D

Shibuya Booth is a fun app I downloaded on my iphone that is kind of a mixture between MS Paint and purikura. I'm sure there are better purikura apps out there but this one was free and keeps me entertained. anyways, i turned a couple photos of my rats into halloween messages to my family.

this picture:

became this:

And my favourite one, This:

To this:

Hee hee hee!

101 things in 1001 days 2 pt 4-5

Took me a while to write this post up as i have been suuuuuuper busy with uni and really stressed with all the work i've had to do.

On the thursday of my "not wearing anything black week" I stayed at home to do my uni work. It was really cold that day so this is what i snuggled up in all day.

This is how i had my hair that day. I felt very cute. XD

On the friday i clean forgot to take a photo of what i wore. so i guess i failed one of the 2 tasks i set myself that week. XD