Thursday, 1 December 2011

Advent Calendar 2011 - Dec 1st

I decided to do this blog series as a little Advent Calendar to myself and you guys!

I don't think there are 25 steps but never mind.

The end result should look something like these skirts from Spank! but with a thinner waistband (if you prefer) and no petticoat underneat. You'll have to supply that yourself. :3

What You Will Need:
- 5+ fabrics in different colours and patterns. Use a mixture of patterned fabric and plain fabric.

- Scissors, Fabric and paper

- Sewing machine, preferably, i mean you probably can do this by hand but i wouldn't reccommend it.

- Newspaper or Pattern paper

- Tape measure, tailors chalk or pencil, marker pen, tape

I will post a step a day for this.

December 1st:

Day one is starting with drafting the pattern for the skirt. The boring but most crucial bit.

~ Start by taking your true waist measurement and the length you want the skirt. In my case it was 32" and 16"

~ Tape a good few pieces of newspaper together and get your measuring tape and marker ready.

~ You can either use a compass for this or I used the lid to my bin.

Either draw a circle the circumference of your waist measurement or draw it around something round like in the picture.

~ Then halve what you just marked off. These points will be the side seams.

~ Measure the length + half an inch from the circle line all the way around. then cut it out and you will have something like this:

~ The waistband is very simple, it is basically a rectangle the length of your waist + half an inch each end and double the width you want + half inch each edge.

For example mine will be 33" x 7"

Cut that out as well.

Tune in for the next step tomorrow! :3

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