Friday, 1 June 2012

Yumetenbo Order

Hey everyone!

Sorry it's been so long. I've been working sooo hard at uni that i have had nothing interesting to blog about. I might blog about my time at the Harry Potter Studio Tour that i went to on my birthday the other week but not right now.

Today is a blog post about my Yumetenbo order!

I placed my order through the DreamV Rakuten sight. I bought 2 items of around 1200yen each with postage of 1500yen or so.

The order was placed on the 24th May and (i guess, i can't read the email they sent me) shipped out on the 28th May and arrived on my doorstep yesterday (the 31st May). Considering i was told that it would take around 20 days minumum to get my package i was very pleased and surprised to get it!

The items i bought were these:

In Cream/Yellow


in Pink.

The quality of the items is much nicer than I was expecting! i had heard somewhere that yumetenbo items, because they were relatively unexpensive, the fabrics were cheap and thin. However they were infact very thick fabrics! The fabric is along the same lines of a Jersey. Stretchy and soft, but it's think enough that it doesn't all go out of shape when gravity hits it. XD
The lace, although not the best is soft and the right colour and all the details are sewn on firmly.

The items arrived in a medium sized box, individually wrapped in plastic envelopes, much like Bodyline do. They were folded in the box but not badly and not to the extend that it creased them. It was a well sealed box and i was happy with it.

The sizes i bought were a bit strange, the dress i bought in the 3L size as it stated the bust was 90cm (i am around 100cm) but i thought it didn't matter much as it is not an enclosed dress. and the waist is 78cm (i am 77cm). The back of the dress is shirred which means it fits great! and it fits my bust absolutely fine. The hips didnt matter as it is a flared skirt. The length of the dress is actually pretty alright, i was expecting it to be much shorter as i am taller than the japanese average.

The Pawprint skirt is the item that really surprised me as i bought it in LL and the waist measurment stated 72cm (4cm smaller than my waist) I bought it however with the intentions of losing wait anyway and it would be a treat to myself when i lost it. however when it turned up and i tried it on it fit fine with room to spare! I'd say it is actually more like a 78 waist again. So i'm very happy with these two purchases!

The shipping was quite expensive and the only thing about DreamV that i didn't like. They offered a more expensive faster shipping option however considering how quickley they arrived i don't believe it would be neccessary.

Price: 8/10
Quality: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Shipping Price: 5/10
Shipping Speed: 9/10
Worth the Money: 9/10