Saturday, 10 December 2011

First Pair of Circle Lenses

I bought my first pair of Circle Lenses!

Been wanting to try them for ages as i have always thought my eye colour looked like, as ginny explains it in the 2nd harry potter book, "fresh pickled toads"

I bought GEO Nudy Green and got them from The website is very good and the prices are very reasonable. The shipping was estimated much longer than it actually was and i got them a week and a half before they said they would arrive which is good. :)

The packaging was nice and secure as they came in they're own little box:

The webiste also sent me a free lenses case (although i think this is basic parctise for most circle lens websites) I got a cute little blue bears one.

I really like them actually. They make me have proper massive doe eyes and for the first time i looked at myself and though "cute"! XD

Here i have one in one out. the colour difference in this light isnt very big but i think in natural light it would be more noticable. no make up

both in with make up. i loooove them. my vision is a bit blurry but i think that will get better when i get used to it.

I will definitely be buying from HoneyColor again. :)

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