Saturday, 3 December 2011

Clothing! :3

All the stuff i bought on the internet arrived! yay!

I immediately put on my jumper and socks from and i loooove them!

The jumper is quite short but i think it's meant to be worn with high-waisted items. I wear a top underneath when wearing it with other things.

The socks are a really nice colour and are comfy. However one is weirdly shorter than the other.... hmm.....

Also my AP socks arrived! yay! my first official Angelic Pretty item! :D

However.... i seem to have discovered that my legs are too fat for them! I had never thought of having fat legs especially my calves, they are fairly thing but apparently AP socks are teeny. When i wear them they stretch the decoration at the top out of shape. :(

but they are still super-cute and official so i therefore love them! XD

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