Tuesday, 30 August 2011

When to give up

So i spent all this time making my own striped fabric to try and make a pair of bloomers. Ive literally just spent about an hour sewing the fabric strips together. Then i go to cut the pattern pieces out and i cut them out wrong!!! I dont have any more fabric to make more either so now im really annoyed. (♯`∧´)


I NEED these in my life!!

Teddy Trainers

Just how cute are these? i pretty much need them, i've decided! I need a new pair of shoes for the winter and i may have just found my pair..... (*o*)

They. Are. FURRY!!!! o(>A<)o

Monday, 29 August 2011


Must. Stop. Obsessing. Over. Fairy. Kei.

Im one to obsess over something when i cant do it. I spend hours online gathering info and items i want and inspiration and everything. Drives me crazy. Hopefully i'll get some money tomorrow and i'll be able to buy some fabric to make some stuff. :3

Holy Necomimi!!!

My mind..... is blown.... all over the walls..... i NEED these in my life!!!!

I'm sorry but car ears that react to your brainwaves and move like real cat ears?!?!?! DO WANT!!!

They're made by a company called Neurowear who are at the moment still perfecting them. They are set to release the end of this year and i'm going to start saving right now! i bet they're expensive..... but i don't really care actually. XD Apparently they are going to create more and better ones but i cant think of any other animal ears i'd want that cat ones. OMFG THE COSPLAYS!!! I just hope they get rid of the ugly bar that goes across your forehead (not shown in the demo video).

You can find more about these here.

I need some......

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sewing Withdrawl Symptoms

I have SERIOUS withdrawl symptoms. I'm dying to do some sewing but cant aford the fabric to do any right now. I hopefully get money through soo but i've been obsessing about making things recently. XD

I've been really interested in getting a fairy kei style wardrobe out in the open and have been scouring the iternets for yet more inspirational images and ideas for things to make so here they are.

I love the idea of having bows on the wrists of a cardigan. so cute!

I like the combination of the dress layered over the tutu skirts. the colours are pretty too.

I Loooooooooove this girl's jumper!! so pretty!!

I like the striped schooldress kinda look of this. definitely makes me want to have a striped dress or skirt.

A good idea for parts of fabric i have and need to used up, ie: harry potter fabric!

Cute handmade looking skirt, although the lace trim is massive it looks totally cute with the mint and pink fabrics.

I <3 bloomers!

I dont like the colour or the print but the shape of the dress, the lace trim and the bear ears are totally cute. would really like a dress like this to wear on casual days with tights and Dr Martins or something. :D

That's kinda it for now. my life is very boring while im not at uni, i realise my posts might be fairly repetetive but oh well!!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Snuggly Earmuffs

So i personally have started thinking about winter and how cold it's going to get soon.
I get very cold ears in the winted, they'rew very prone to cold winds and i guess all my piercings doesn't help with the whole, conducting cold/heat thing so they get very cold in the winter. Also with my history of ear problems they hurt soooooo bad if they get too cold.

Last year i trawled the shops and internet for a pair of earmuffs that i liked enough to wear on a daily basis but to no avail. So, my poor ears were cold all winter again.

Well after seeing Himehood's tutorial on Youtube about how to make your own out of a coat hanger, i got my butt onto google for some inspiration for my own pair.

I like the pink fluffy poofyness and the bows.

Rainbows and clouds! totally cute! i like the colours but not the whole tie-under-the-chin-ribbon things. Thats why i could never be a lolita, i hate stuff tied around my chin or my neck etc.

I like the colour and bells thing for a christmas pair. ^_^

I then did a little designing (on gloomy bear paper no less. win!)

I kinda want some ears, just cause they're cute. XD
Might incorporate an old pair of earphones in with it so they can play music and keep my ears warm. I do have a pair of awesome headphones that do kinda the same job but i like the idea of cosy puffiness with the music.

When i move into my new flat i will definitely be taking apart some wire hangers for these!

Friday, 26 August 2011

My Lightswitch

So this is random but i wanted to share my lightswitch cover with everyone.

Lumos! Nox! Yes i'm a geek.

I saw the idea on Etsy while i was browsing through Harry Potter themed items and thought it was cool so i decided to make my own.
I had the lightswitch cover already from when my room was purple and flowery and it matched so i painted it up and added rhinestones. yay! I'm a nerd! XD

I'm other news, i had to take my nail varnish off today because im working and the last thing i need is for one of the gems to fall off into the sample cups and i get fired. so clear polish it is right now. :) I might paint tem again when i get home later. :3

Thursday, 25 August 2011

10 Facts

I thought it would be a fun idea to put up a list of 10 supposedly interesting facts about me~ :D

So here goes:

1: I have a tattoo on my foot. It's a cupcake. No i'm not joking

see? XD

2: I'm about to go into my 3rd year studying costume at uni. Totally loving it! :D

3:I HATE all orange flavoured things, drinks, sweets, vitamins, anything. blegh. However i do love to eat actual oranges.

4:After i finish uni i plan to up and go to Japan to teach english for a year. I'd give my right leg to go to Japan and i've had a couple of failed attempts but now it's a possibility! :D

5: I have 2 pet rats. A Grey hooded with a white blaze called Tokyo and a black hooded called Ezio after the Assasins Creed character. :3

6:I am scared of the dark (no joke, i have to have a night light or something) and I have a phobia of people being sick (apparently it's a common phobia?)

7: I hate horror films but gory films make me giggle (ie: The Ring terrified me but Planet Terror [by Robert Rodriguez] had me rolling around on the floor) XD

8: I love to wear over-the-knee socks, my favourite wardrobe item and are kinda my "thing"

9: I'm a geeky gamer girl and although Kingdom Hearts is my favourite game, I've recently enjoyed platinum'ing Alice: Madness Returns. Amaaaaaaaazing game. go play it!

10: My Favourite food is: Custard and Fruit Salad. Least Favourite food: Broccoli (blegh)
My favourite film: Memoirs of a Geisha, Scott Pilgrim. Least favourite film: I dont really have a film i dislike but District 9 was pretty terrible.

I cant think of any other favourite/least favourite combinations right now. but yeah! 10 facts about me! XD

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Le Inspirations

Here are a few images that are inspiring me to sew my pants off right now:

I Love these shoes!! I've been looking for a pair of plain plimpsoles to paint up for a while now but instead of My Little Pony i want to Sailor Moon mine up! XD

Sailor Uranus <3 Forever!!

Giant Jumper Love!
Totally love this one, makes me want to do my own! But i'd do it in softer shades i think.

Adorable Bag Alert!!
I love bags, i have soooooo many, they're just so addictive and i love them. this one reminds me of one i tried to make a few years ago with a squishy waterfilled pouch in the front with glitter in, remember when like EVERYTHING had those on? Or was it just when i was a kid in america?? :/

Nakajima Saki, this is her top from the MV of Momoiro Sparkling.
I Love this top, the video shows it off more as the left arm is kinda tight but the right side is like a bat wing top. It's abstract and awesome and i love the Lavender/Lemon stripeage. :D

Fairy Kei Nails

I've really been spamming up the Fairy Kei huh?? Well it's my new obsession so I'm allowed.

These nails i started like 2 days ago and only just finished today. The rhinestones all fell off and blah blah blah.
If you ever followed my first blog RadioHexi you'll know that I LOVE to do my nails and nail art and today was the perfect day to get them completed! :D

They aren't my neatest nail art by any means, i really need to invest in some new brushes so i can make those stars neater but they're light and fun and cute and have lots of colours. :D

I'm gagging to do some sewing or SOMETHING right now but i just cant afford to buy any fabric.... until the 28th that is. mwahahaha. but i have a uni project to finish which is really irritating me because it's a drawing project and i'm a maker, not a designer, i can't draw anything that's in my head. I hate my lecturers right now. i can show i know the silhouettes of the 20th century without having to draw it! >:/

Fairy Kei-kes

Today i made cupcakes!
I love to cook and bake and just generally potter around in the kitchen and baking cupcakes is my way of relaxing. (i'm feeling unwell today so it was the perfect thing to do) My last name is Baker after all so it's kinda perfect that way too! :D

These cupcakes are Rhubarb and Custard ones! There is a little spoonful of Rhubarb (cooked with lots of sugar and a little water and let to cool) inside.
The yellow "icing" is just a spoonful of cold custard! :D I Looooooove custard. more than anything. i make jugs of it and eat it by itself on cold winter nights. amazing.

It gave me a chance to use my star shapped sprinkles i found when i was in spain this summer too! and check out the awesome lolita patterned cupcake cups. Got them in Asda! :D

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Ah Kyary. Totally weird but totally adorable.
Im currently listening to her newly released EP "Moshi Moshi Harajuku" and i have to say im a teeny bit disappointed. The songs are kinda average compared to the addictive PONPONPON. But then nothing can really compare to THAT. They are fun though and i csn imagine them all growing pn me. Except PONPONPON extended which is a really bad remix, npt and extra long version like i was hoping. (´Д` )

To be made. . .

So i've been inspired by a lot of things recently. Lots of Yumetenbo clothing and some fairy kei stuff too so here is a list of things i plan on making as soon as i can!

~Lace shorts
I found a tutorial on Honestly WTF for turning a pair of mens boxers into lace shorts.
Well i thought this was ingenius and ive been after a pair for aaaaages. so decided this'd be a cute thing to make for layering under skirts or wearing with a long top and socks.

~ Yumetenbo School Dress

I like the shape and it's very SNSD Chocolate Love-ish

~More Yumetenbo Dresses

More Yumetenbo dresses. i really like them both but will probably only make one. need to find some comfy jersy/stretch fabric. :D

~ Fairy-kei coat
A year or so ago H&M brought out a few short fur coats in black, pink and tan. In fabriclan there is this amazing fluffy star print fleece in pastel colours that i've wanted since forever, very Fairy-kei. Since it's coming up to autumn and winter i decided that it's a perfect time to make an adorable jacket/hoody thing from this fleece. should be adorable. :D and warm!

The only issue now is, how am i going to get the money for it all??? ;_;

Power Puff Girls!

So the other week i bought a whole load of old sheets. These included powerpuff girls fabric!!! :D
I used to (and still do) LOVE the PPG so i couldn't pass it up and at it was only about £5 for a sheet i think it was a bargain!

I wanted to make a high waisted skirt from the start but whether to pleat it or bias cut it i couldn't decide and i played around with different pleats for aaaaages before i decided on the two on each side. I definitely wanted the braces and this skirt looks totally cute with a pink tshirt underneath. it's also super comfy! :D I love it!


So recently i've been totally addicted to whipped cream Decoden,for those who don't know, it's basically a 100% white silicone stuff that you apply to phone cases, tins, boxes etc to represent icing or whipped cream on a cake and add pretty much anything cute. Fimo and polymer food is particularly popular like cookies, cakes, macarons, strawberries and things like that.
Another type of decoden is that which is just rhinestones and gems clustered all over the thing you want to decoden.

I have two phones right now, a Samsung Genio Touch which has interchangeable back covers which i deco'd with rhinestones, mini buttons,a bow sticker and a fabric bow and an Iphone 4 which is decorated with the whipped cream and has fimo fruits, cupcakes etc on.

Left: My Samsung: The rhinestones were bought at The Range, originally bought for my nail art but got promoted to decoden. The red bow was from an old nerckalce i never wore. opposite that used to be a red heart bead that was from the same necklace but it dropped off ages ago. The mini buttons were bought in an craft store, the strawberry is a button that i cut the loop off of, the blue bow is a sticker and the pink heart used to be on an old pen which had a big squisky heart on and had stopped working.

Right: Iphone 4. The star beads i found when i was at my parents and searching through my old room. The top right corner WERE 2 strawberries i made myself from fimo but one fell off. The orange pony used to be a hair clip i never wore, the heart cookies are fimo and the tiny cookie cutter was bought from a craft store, the pink and white cookies and cupcake are made from fimo too. the little slices of fruit dotted around were bought in a nail and hair shop.

They're both very DIY which saved me a lot of money because i had all the items already.


Hi there!

Welcome to my Kawaii Project.

For all things cute!

I'm a big fan of japanese things and i love "kawaii". The Japanese word for cute!

Whether it's an adorable skirt, nail art or just some awesome looking cupcakes i'm all over it.

I've wanted a blog to put all the things i find cute for a while and my recent obsession with Fairy Kei has pushed me to create my own blog.