Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas, Sales, Hauls and Resolutions

Hey everyone!

did you all have a good christmas if you celebrate it?

I got everything i wanted so i'm very happy. Among my favourite presents are my pink and while polka dot Zatchels satchel, the Muppet OPI nail polishes "I Lily Love You" and "The Fresh Frog of Bel Air" and my Secret Shop Starry Engineer replica boots (which have yet to arrive but are still already a fave!)

Yesterday i went to London to look for fabric for my final uni project and ended up spending a LOT of money in Bravissimo. We also went to go and see Howl's Moving Castle at the Southwark Playhouse. It was meant to be a surprise but i actually guessed before i came to stay at my parents and then had it confirmed when my dad left the reciept for the tickets lying around. XD
The show was pretty good although despite Stephen Fry narrating and Fyfe Dangefield composing it wasn't amazing. They kind of rushed the story so only those who had read the book really knew what was going on, the actor who was Howl was really good, but the other 2 cast members (who did old sohpie, young sophie and the witch of the waste) weren't very good at all. they were wooden and generic. However, the set was astonishing! It was all completely white but had the castle cut out in relief as if it was cut from card and was pushed forward. The locations were then projected onto the white background. It was really clever and really effective. I would reccommend this show just for the set.

Today i went out with my brother shopping as i had £40 worth of riverisland vouchers to spend and needed to return a sweater that didnt fit right. I then proceeded to spend a good amount of money on other things.... :/

My Riverisland haul was good. only spend £20 of my vouchers. I got this pineapple top

This cute high waisted skirt

and these adorable shorts!

It was weird because i was just about to give up my search when i found all 3 things tucked away at the very end of the row. the shorts were just hanging there without a reduced label. I took them to the lady and asked if they were on sale and she scanned it. Turned out they were marked down from £20 to £5! bargain!

These are the other things i got

Star beads and star chain links from Tiger (totally been looking for some links like that and finally found some. should have bought more though. fail.

Paperchase pens and bunny iron-on transfer. LOVE this line of Decora-ish stationary from paperchase. totally buyable and it was all on sale. almost bought it all. XD

Twin Star hair set (contains clips a bracelet and some hair bobbles) in a cute star shaped pot and reflective keychains (not bought for the reflectivness) from H&M. H&M have started doing lots of twin star stuff in the kids section. they have some really cute socks there too but they wouldn't fit my feet. :(

OH! and this phone case

You can see me in my "Applecrumble and Fish" hoodie. it's a mock-take of Abercrombie and Fitch. XD love it.

Pretty good haul if i do say so myself.

New Years resolutions.... ahhhhh, always made and never kept..... i dont have a full list yet but my first one is to Keep up with blog post series. I seriously apologise for starting 2 or 3 and not actually going through with them. I've just been much busier than i originally thought! ugh. apologies. hopefully in the new year i will do better. or be sensible and not start any until i have a good chunk of free time in my forseeable future!!
oh i need to do a bodyline post too! My pannier skirt is adorable and i wore in christmas day, boxing day and when i went to london yesterday. XD totally love iiiittt!!!

Here's a picture of my rat in his nest he made in my pile of clothes. Awh!

He left a prawn in there earlier. Thankfully i fished (lol get it?) it out before it was in there long.


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