Thursday, 29 September 2011

101 in 1001: Cake Decorating Course

The first of my tasks on my 101 things in 1001 days is completed! yay!

On tuesday the 27th i went on a cupcake decorating course! It was a present from my brother for my birthday. i just kept forgetting it which it why i booked it for like 4 months after my birthday. haha!

I had to stay at my parents house because it was in reading and mum drove me.

This is what i wore
Top: H&M
Skirt: handmade
Shorts: H&M i think?
Socks: Elle
Necklace (not in photo): Headless Tess (one of a kind! :3)

I was feeling very self concious because of how little was was wearing but it turned out to be suuuuuuper hot in the room we were in so i was kinda glad in the end

We had some time to kill before the course started so we went to a cafe up the road called Maison Blanc. I had the saucicon and brie baguette and HOMIGOD it was good. XD

It wasnt just a cafe it was a boulangerie and a pattisserie too! they had some delicious looking pastries and macaroons and stuff.

I got there a little late. oops. but it hadnt started yet and they were waiting for 2 more people after me so it wasnt too bad.
I couldn't take photos all the way through because my iphone was running out of battery and my hands were very sticky most of the time. o.0

The only photo i got of the cakes was this one:

It was on my mum's phone because mine had died. they're kinda squashed together by that point in the car. :( oh well.
The bow was my tribute to lolita. haha

All in all it was a good day. some of the stuff i knew already but some of it was really interesting and informative. :)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Polly Pocket turned necklace!

So i was thinking what i could do with a polly pocket case that has no actual polly pieces and decided to make it into a necklace. Cute huh! Kinda chunky but oh well! Really wish it had like a mirror or something inside. Lol! :3


All of my technology has died. So please excuse my short posts. If my laptops werent completely useless i'd currently be writing about lolita from an outsiders view. But no. They both have to be completely useless. (ーー;)

Monday, 26 September 2011

Polly pocket!!

I was going through the loft at my parents today and found all my polly pockets! I will probably sell most of them but have decided to keep these 2 cases and the spare people with no homes for fairy kei purposes. These would
Make amazing necklaces!
These 2 cases are from 1989! Thats before i was even born!

Sunday, 25 September 2011


So i know that most "true" Lolitas look down on bodyline. BUT i'm not a lolita so i don't care! yay!

Here's a couple of items i really want!

Carousel Skirt - I'm addicted to carousel anything right now. carousel horses are so pretty. I really like Angellic Pretty's Sugary Carnival print and i would love the skirt. However i'm very very poor being a student and all and would never be able to afford it. unless there was a very damaged one someone was selling on the cheap that i could fix up. I don't agree with the concept of replicas so, even though i'm not a lolita and don't mind buying bodyline, i would never buy a rip-off of someone else's hard work like that.
However, this print is really really adorable and i plan on buying it when i get the money.
In either lilac or pink. <3

This print is also very cute and it's quite different to anything any big brands have right now. (just cause i don't dress in lolita doesn't mean i don't pay attention. :3)
Would definitely get this in white.

This skirt is adorable i love the heart lace trim. This would probably be a purchase in mint. really loving mint right now.

I totally <3 playsuits. they're so cute and easy to wear. i love the yellow and pinky colouring of this one in particular.

These next skirts are totally adorable but I would probably be able to make one myself. I really like the polka dots and stripes combination that's going on.


Saturday, 24 September 2011

101 Things in 1001 days

The other day i joined up to the site Day Zero.
The 101 Things in 1001 Days project is a project in which you have 1001 days (about 3 years) to complete 101 tasks or missions of your choice. They have a have a definitive start and end/ accomplishment. They can be anything from cutting your hair to travelling around the world.

I really liked the idea as i sometimes wake up feeling a bit "meh" about life and my directions.

I don't actually have 101 things yet, i haven't chosen 101 things and i've run out of inspiration at around 70 things. i will most probably add to this list as i go though.

For my sanity i have split them up into different categories and will list them in order of smallest task to largest (within the category)

OK so:

1: Watch a new series of Anime - I want to discover a really good anime and watch it all
2: Watch all Harry Potter films in a row - Harry Potter nerd! yay!
3: Platinum Red Dead Redemption
4: Get 10 friends to recommend 10 books and read them all
5: Go one whole day (24 hours) without technology - this one will be hard because i can't sleep without music playing....

Cooking & Food
6: Try new sushi
7: Open a cookbook to a random page and cook whatever is on it - unless it's fish, blegh
8: Try Bubble Milk
9: Eat Something i have never tried before
10: Cook healthier food
11: Take Cake decorating course
12: Make myself a Bento at least twice a week
13: Create Custome cookbook
14: Go to a proper cupcakery and buy at least 1 cupcake

Clothes & Fashion
14: Dress in Fairy Kei at least once a week
15: Take outfit photo everyday for a week and blog about them
16: Paint a pair of Fairy Kei shoes
17: Wear nothing black for a week
18: Buy at least one item from Angellic Pretty
19: Wear Lolita in public at least once - I've never worn Lolita before but i really want to try it. I've fallen for Angellic Pretty dresses!!
20: Wear a skirt or dress everyday for a week

Health & Beauty
21: Swap snacks for fruit for 1 month
22: Swap snacks for fruit for 2 months
23: Design next tattoo
24: Take vitamins and pills every day for a week (I always forget)
25: Learn 3 new hair styles: /3
26: Wear make up everyday for a week - i like never wear make up
27: Buy 1 pair of circle lens and wear them
28: Grow my hair to chest length
29: Get a hot stone massage
30: Paint my nails a different colour every week for a month

31: Blog no more that 3 times a week
32: Open an Etsy store

33: Get engaged - my boyfriend says he's going to propose on the 1002nd day -_-'
34: Move in with the boyfriend
35: Randomly buy the boyfriend a present - like a nice present
36: Hug Laura everyday for a month - Laura is my best friend and demanded this be put on here. lol
37: Get a New years kiss at midnight

Sewing & crafts
38: Make cute pillow cases for spare pillows - I have 2 spare pillows that are boring and white. they need colour
39: Make myself lots of clothes
40: Make Sailor dress/top
41: Make an amazing Alice Madness Returns Cosplay - to wear to London Expo in october
42: Make a Lolita inspired dress
43: Decoden More

44: Teach or study in Japan for a year
45: Visit Japan as a tourist
46: Go on some kind of road trip with my best friends

Uni & Career
47: Finish my Uni summer project with time to spare
48: Finish uni with a mark i am proud of
49: Get in contact with professional costume designers
50: Work on a Tim Burton film - HIGHLY unlikely within the next 3 years but it's one of my lifes aims
51: Pay off student loan

52: Get a Penpal - anyone wanna be my penpal *puppy dog eyes*
53: Write a letter to myself to open in 1001 days
54: Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
55: Write a letter to future kids
56: Write a handwritten letter to someone
57: Create an inspiration notebook
58: Write an inspirational note to leave in a book for someone to find

Other - Misc things that didn't get a category
59: Get treatment for my phobia - I'm terrified of people being sick and it's gotten much much worse over the last few months. i want hypno therapy
60: Pass driving test
61: Learn Japanese - to a conversational level
62: Build a blanket fort and sleep in it - !!
63: Get more fairy lights
64:Stay in bed for 24 hours
65: Jump in a pile of leaves
66: Do Xmas shopping early
67: Tidy my room - Inprogress....
68: Keep my room tidy for 1 week straight
69: Make a kotatsu
70: Randomly send an "English" present to american friends - My friends out in america love typically british things so i thought it'd be nice to just randomly send them a box of traditionally english things like tea.... and um.... stuff

Yeah that's all i can think of right now. I will definitely add things later but yeah. that's kinda it.

my Day Zero username is Hexi if anyone is interested about my list. i will blag about the relevant stuff here though. :)

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sock Haul

So me and my housemate were bored today so we decided to go to the local open air shopping centre to look around. I wanted to go to TKMaxx to look at the tights. as it happened i didnt buy any tights at all and bought 4 pairs of socks!!

They were all reduced to 2 pounds each which i though was a pretty good buy!!
Sadly the coloured ones are only knee-high which is a little short for what i like to wear. i feel like they kinda aggresivly chop my legs in half but oh well. they are pretty much in the 3 colours i've been looking for too.
The slouch socks reminded me of japanese loose socks of which i've wanted a pair since i got into japanese fashion and never got a chance to buy. Thankfully the pink "Elle" is on the back of the socks and easily hidden.

Here they are worn with my teddy shoes. they look so cute. :)

Shibuya Cam'd to hide messy room.

Incidentaly these shoes were definitely made to be worn with thick socks. i wore them out the other dar and HOMFG they hurt my feet. they are a little too small and HUG my toes. At least they'll be warm but they really need stretching out and wearing in before i'll be able to wear them all day. shame really cause they look amazingly comfy. :( oh well

In other foot-y news, i bought these (after my feet started get blisters. they were on sale)

I really want to pant them to make them more fairy kei interesting but don't know what to put on them.... hmmm

YAY! 2 Followers!

So i logged in today and i had another follower. i was all ":O..... HOMG A FOLLOWER"

thank you for following my blog!!! ;w; you made a geek very happy today. XD

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

H&M being awesome

Sometimes i love h&m. Even though its the kids section, they have recently brought out loads of cute my little pony stuff. Jumpers and tshirts and things. Really wish i was 6 right now. Although of course if i was 6 id be able to get original my little pony stuff. Lol. Any way you cant be too old or too big for hair and jewellry stuff so i got some hair clips. :D

On a side not i also noticed that they had some little twin stars plasters in. Heres hoping this means lots of LTS stuff. They are so cute!!! :D

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Teddy Shoes!!!

Remember this post??



Other Bloggers Inspiration part 2 - Strawberry Romper suit

The project i've been working on the past couple of days is finally finished!!! :D It looks like something Strawberry Shortcake would wear but it's totally adorable! XD

sorry for the messy room. reeeeeeally need to tidy it.

anyways, basically it's a pair of bloomers with a top attatched. the top part started out in life as just a square of the fabric which i then took in at the waist and part off the bust. it was easier than working out a bodice pattern shape.
I then made the straps just out of long strips folded over.

It was inspired by Laffi's Salopettes.

I found the fabric at my local Fabricland. I was originally in there looking for some amazing fluffy star fleece that i saw in there before and knew it'd be perfect for a cosy fairy-kei jacket for winter. but they had run out! they they said it was unlikely they'd get more in!!1 i was gutted. ;_;
It's really cute fabric, i've seen lots of strawberry fabric in my time but this is by far the best ever. they look so yummy and the fabric itself looks almost quilted! :3 it was actually quite thin in real life so i had to line it with some white poly cotton.
Fabric close-up:

Here it is worn. Sorry about the horrible blurryness. it's terrible at taking photos in the mirror. ><''

can't wait to wear them!!!!! XD

Sock Woes

I have been looking for a pair of fairly cheap pale pink tights or pale pink thigh high socks for ages now. Can i find a pair? no.

It's so frustrating!

I really like the tights and socks that welovecolors has HOWEVER! one pair of tights is about $10 which works out as about £6 and an additional shipping cost of $15 which is about £10. Now, that is an expensive pair of tights. a can understand maybe buying lots of pairs and saving on shipping but i just don't have the money for that. I'm used to £2 primark tights working for me just fine.

apparently i'm doomed to cold legs this winter..... or black which i'm trying to move away from right now. Le Sigh. if anyone has any ideas about where to find half decent cheap tights and socks (up to about £4 a pair) i'd REALLY appreciate it!!! ><''

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Lazy days

Today i have spent doing uni work and watching k-on! I love k-on. Its one of my favourite animes.
Because i spent the day indoors and am still recovering from my cold, i wore my pikachu kigurumi that my japanese friend erika gave me. :D i love it! Its so warm and comfy!!!! <3

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Other Bloggers Inspiration

Recently i've been finding a lot of inspiration for my clothes in images and pictures other bloggers have posted on their own blogs.

I've been pretty ill the past couple days so i made a skirt (as only i do when i'm dying from a cold). It's the most lolita-y thing i've ever made/owned but i really like it.

It is a LITTLE see through though so i will need to put a layer of white fabric under it or something before i can wear it out really.

The inspiration for this came from some pictures on Carousel Dreams

The blue skirt in this one:

And the pink skirt in this one:

Their skirts are probably brand or something but as i dont have ANY money (poor student, hello!) it's easier and cheaper to make my own. also then i can make it look now i want.
I absolutely love Emilia's style and her mixture of sweet lolita and fairy kei is completly adorable.

Here is my skirt:

I have yet to add the details i want yet. this is just to show the shape and stuff. but i really like it. :)

Other blogs i find really inspirational are:

Reiko The Unicorn
Her outlook on life is really up beat and happy and i admire her for dressing how she wants whenever and wherever she wants. :)

Laffi - Millions of Bows
I really love Laffi's style and she usually mixes her fairykei/lolita with accents of black and white which on anyone else would look kinda weird but she pulls it off in style! She mostly thrifts as well which is right up my alley and i like her attitude toward lolita. She's the kind of Loli who, even though she owns brand items, isn't obsessed with it and must be the only thing she owns. Plus she has mad making skills and this is coming from a 21 year old who has been making clothes (whether for myself or my dolls) since she was 6!

Iro Iro
Not a Lolita or fairy kei style blog but i really love the clothes and other thingys she makes for herself.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

PomPom Curtain

My Secret Project i was talking about in my last post was a Pompom curtain!

It's kinda like a bead curtain but made from pompoms!

There aren't many strings simply because just these few used a lot of pompoms.

I just bought a couple packs of mixed sizes pastel pompoms from my local HobbyCraft along with some pink yarn. I then cut the yarn into a length i thought was right for hanging from my ceiling and then using a needle threader (because the yarn is really hard to put through the eye of the needle) threaded up a thick needle and slide the pompoms into place along the yarn length. (you can also tape the end of the yarn flat with sellotape to stop it fraying and make it easier to thread).

I then tied the ends of the strings to a ribbon and attatched it to my ceiling. I used white tack as i didn't have any thumb tacks to use but it doesnt matter as long as it stays.

It's a really nice touch and i feel like i'l in a den when i'm sitting on my bed. XD

I can also tied it to one side with a ribbon when i'm changing my bed covers or whatever. :D

The original inspiration for this came from this image:

I liked how the curtain over the bed seperats the bed from the rest of the room. So cute.

Mine also fits in with my nice new Fairy Kei obession!! :3

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

National Cupcake Week Day 2

My last post explains about Day 1.

Day 2 consisted of doing my uni work and then making Butterbeer cupcakes!! Im a total potterhead and LOVE harry potter so freaking much!!! The colour of the icing wasnt my choice, the cream soda sherbert flavouring i used was pink coloured.

These were butterscotch cupcakes with a bit of cream soda mixed in, cream soda flavour icing, butterscotch drizzled on top and a chocolate wafer wand. The recipe was very much guess work and next time i make them i think i'll stick with plain vanilla icing or maybe even whipped cream. The icing was just very weird tasting. Tasted like parma violets. Lol

Spending money

So the other day i went into town with my friend. I spent a lot of money! I bought a diary and a couple of other things. Among them this great haul! All from primark!!!! The my little pony tshirt was £6 the bunny tshirt was marked down from £3 to £1!!!! Bargain! The socks were about £2 each and the blue tights were 50p! Such a good haul. Ive recently been looking for pastel coloured tights and socks to wear when i am feeling fairy kei. Its hard. Tights are expensive..... (−_−;)

I did buy a cupcake yesterday but when the woman put it in the bag she smushed the icing!! ;_; when i got it out it was all ugly and crushed.

I have been working on a super secret project today. I will take a photo tomorrow and show you. It looks so cute up and it hardly took any time at all!! :3

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Deco den!

Ive been a little addicted to deco dening my stuff recently. I bought this desk lamp today and seeing how it was pain white i think it needed some sprucing up. :D shiny!!

Ive also done my alarm clock too.
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Friday, 9 September 2011

Millions of Bows Giveaway

Sorry I've not been updating too much. I've moved into my new flat and currently have no internet (Updating at my boyfriend's >_<'')

Laffi over at Millions of Bows is holding a super amazing giveaway!

I want ALL the stuff on that list! XD

Maybe if i get some more followers i will hold my own giveaway with some handmade goodies. :D

Next Week is National Cupcake Week!! My Kinda week! So i've decided that every day next week i will eat at least one cupcake a day and do a blog post on them, how they were etc. Plus i'll be making some too.

This week i tried a new hair style! I've always admired the japanese/korean/chinese top bun style. Suzuki Airi from C-ute has worn her hair like that a fair bit but i never thought it would suit me. then the other day i got fed up with my hair being in my face while i was tidying so decided i would put more effort in that just a ponytail and wore it in a top bun. what do you think? did i do it good? :3

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Pastel Raindrops Giveaway

Pastel Raindrops is giving away some amaaaaaaazing feiry kei stuff.

I want it all!! XD

Those shoes are so cute!