Saturday, 3 December 2011

Advent Calendar 2011 Dec 2nd and 3rd

Ok so the next step is to cut out the squares of fabric you will be using.

Mark them on the wrong side of the fabric, ie: the side no one is going to see. If it's printed fabric it will be the side that is faded or backwards.

Mark your squares 2.5" x 2.5". Always make sure you mark from the straightest edge or you will end up with wonky squares.

I recommend about 20 squares of every fabric for each side. Make sure they over hang the edges of the pattern a little bit as we need the seam allowance.

Cut them all out. If you have some fluffy or thick fabrics like i am using i'd stick to less squares of them in randomw places to break it up or it could look a bit weird.

Next step is laying out the squares on the pattern in a way you like. I haven't done this yet as i haven't had a chance to with my uni work being intense. (i have hand-in next week. eek!) But you can lay them out anyway you like as long as they line up in rows vertically. like pixels.

The next few posts on this will have to wait until after the 7th i'm afraid because i have to work on my hand-in. sorryyyy!!!!! but these 2 steps could take a while anyways! haha!

love love!

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