Friday, 11 November 2011

Where did i go??

Heeeey everyone!

first of sorry my last post was so random! I'll tell you all about that in a second.
secondly, homigawd i have new followers! hiiii! XD

Ok so the reason why i've not been very active with my blogging recently is because i've been uber busy and keep forgetting to blog about what i'm doing. yeah total lameo i know but its all water under the bridge. i have forgiven myself already. XD

Anyways, on tuesday the 8th of november i went to the Channel 4 building in London to attend an E4 recruitment day to because an "E4er" it will involve blogging about new upcoming stuff on E4 and promoting it to the world! I dont know if i have been chosen yet (i will find out in a few weeks)but it was a great day and as really excellent experience!
I had no idea where i was going when i came out of St James Park tube station but i followed my iphone and where it told me to go when all of a sudden BAM!

it was just there! the 4 out the front is like loads of giant balloons (i poked one) and unless you stand at the right angle they dont match up, just like in the channel 4 adverts. :)
The day was filled with complete madness! we were split into 3 teams, pink, green ad yellow. I was in yellow. We then had to do a variety of different tasks which included creating our own super heroes (how would we use the powers to spread the E4 word?), creating a new tv show that has never been shown on E4 before and promoting an "Esting". They are little videos of filler put in between shows and adverts that viewers create and send in. :) So, hence the link in my last post. we had to blog, tweet, facebook, email, text and call everyway we knew how to get as many views of our team's Esting in the space of an hour. Our team came second over all. It was a really great day and made all the better by the AMAZING goodie bag we got at the end. an E4 bag, E4 notebook and the complete series of skins, misfits and inbetweeners. :) I had a lot of fun! fingers crossed for getting a place! XD

I've now finished my christmas shopping! yay! i started in july and finished this week. im satying at my parents this week and went with my mum and my brother in 2 different days. :D

on one of these trips i went into H&M and what a haul i got there! I dont have any photos yet but i'll put one up when i do!
I got a pair of denim overalls which i will be cutting short and customising, a mint high waisted skirt, a pink stripey skirt and a pair of pale orange shorts. :) all of this cost me £8! not even joking! my mind was blown. XD The mint skirt needs a bit of decoration though. it's kinda plain. something like a cute pocket or lace or something. :)

let's see what else have i been up to...

oh! this year I decided to chip in with mum's christmas stockings and made soap for everyone. i found a tutorial on making snow globe soaps which looked so cool and i decided to try myself. however they didnt really turn out that well. you can see the little things i put inside if you ho;d them up to the light but other than that it didnt really work as i hoped. i think the were too big and round for the size of things i put inside. but i'm still giving them out. :) on the same day i made these soaps i got some fluffy wool. it's been really hard to find the right yarn for making those mokomoko hair pins/brooches but i finally found some great stuff!

It's so fluffy and soft! XD
My mokomoko accessories arent ready for photos yet but they're coming along nicely. I keep making stuff too big then having to unwrap them and cut them smaller. haha. oh well.

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