Wednesday, 30 November 2011

30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge Day 9

☆ Day nine: Your most treasured piece of clothing.

Most treasured piece of clothing? uhm..... i don't know! haha

I'll do two. one fairy kei-ish one other kind of clothing.

*goes and hunts around in her wardrobe*

I don't really have a treasured item of clothing. i treasure many things but clothing really isn't one. I guess because the clothes i have at my uni house are things that i have neither spent a lot of money on nor gone to a lot of effort to get them.

I guess when i get them my new AP socks, the satchel i am getting for xmas, my secret shop Starry Engineer boots and if i get it, a My Little Pony hoody i have my eyes on will all be in the running for treasured item.....

I have a couple pieces of jewellry i treasure though.

My Tiffany's ring that i got for my 21st birthday. It's silver with a pink sapphire in the centre of the heart. I love it and wear it every day. :)

Also there is my Headless Tess cupcake necklace

It's one of a kind! :) I bought it years ago and actually managed to lose it and was very upset about it too. Then i found it before i moved out stuffed in a bag stuffed in my wardrobe. oops!

Also on this list are my bracelets!

From the hand up:

a BFF bracelet my best friend gave me
My nomination bracelet i bought while in venic. i have 3 pretty links on there, one is an A for Amber, a Japanese flag and a guitar (because my boyfriend at the time played guitar, we're still friends which is why i kept it on there)

Rainbow stars were given to me by my friend on my birthday

Pink eye-shaped beads are from my friend from her holiday

blue crazy band is from my friend. it's shaped like a crown. :)

The red and black beaded one is a gift from cornwall from the same friend as the BFF bracelet.

The bright yellow band is from my E4 day (i didn't get it. :( )

and the last one is one i got when i went to see Cirque du Soliel the first time. it says "When i grow up i will run away and join the circus" on it. XD

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