Friday, 11 November 2011

First Bodyline Order

And Ladies and Gents! I have made my first step towards becoming slightly more Lolita!

I made my first bodyline order the other day and it has already been shipped out. Stupidly though i got it shipped to my parents so might not get it for a while yet.

I took advantage of the $1 shipping to anywhere which admittedly was what put me off before. :)

I got the Soft Cream Skirt in blue

I figured it was the colourway i would wear most. i dont like black, the pink was too pink and the mint may not have gone with the colour tops i have.

I also got the polka dot pannier in emblu whatever that is.
plae blue i guess. XD

aaand these socks in blue. It was a very blue order.... :/

anyway. i cant wait to get it!! :D

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