Saturday, 26 November 2011

30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge Day 5

☆ Day five: 5 of your favourite places to buy your clothes.

1 H&M - seriously if you get to the sale stuff in time you can get some great bargains. Plus their plain tshirts are great for customising

2 Primark - Totally cheap and cheerful and you can actually find some good stuff in there. If you look hard enough.

3 etsy/ebay - i grouped these two together because i hardly buy any clothes from them but you can get some great stuff.

4 Claire's - they have some really good kiddy jewelry but they are a bit on the pricey side.

5 Bodyline - now this is a new one to my list and i dont know how my stuff is because i accidentally got it sent to my
Parents and havent gotten it yet. But their petticoats and socks are totally fairy kei perfect.

Not the most intruiging or amazing list of shops but im a poor student so i cant shoo anywhere more interesting. Lol

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