Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Angelic Pretty

So i've been pretty smitten with AP for a while now.

I'm mainly interested in the accessories because i know i'd never be able to afford the clothes or wear them properly.


Their new print Decoration Dream is frickin' adorable.

I LOVE that little horse shaped cookie thing. and all the colours wanna make me dance in a rainbow fountain. seriously. omg.

I need these socks in my life

anyone who knows me will tell you that i love over-the-knee socks and have a whole drawer full of them and these ones fit right in with my new-found love for Fairy Kei.

I'm hopefully going to PAris with my boyfriend for a weekend in the new year and hope to go to Angeis Pretty. Although i doubt they'd have these still then..... maybe i'll get them with my christmas money......

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