Friday, 9 September 2011

Millions of Bows Giveaway

Sorry I've not been updating too much. I've moved into my new flat and currently have no internet (Updating at my boyfriend's >_<'')

Laffi over at Millions of Bows is holding a super amazing giveaway!

I want ALL the stuff on that list! XD

Maybe if i get some more followers i will hold my own giveaway with some handmade goodies. :D

Next Week is National Cupcake Week!! My Kinda week! So i've decided that every day next week i will eat at least one cupcake a day and do a blog post on them, how they were etc. Plus i'll be making some too.

This week i tried a new hair style! I've always admired the japanese/korean/chinese top bun style. Suzuki Airi from C-ute has worn her hair like that a fair bit but i never thought it would suit me. then the other day i got fed up with my hair being in my face while i was tidying so decided i would put more effort in that just a ponytail and wore it in a top bun. what do you think? did i do it good? :3

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