Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Spending money

So the other day i went into town with my friend. I spent a lot of money! I bought a diary and a couple of other things. Among them this great haul! All from primark!!!! The my little pony tshirt was £6 the bunny tshirt was marked down from £3 to £1!!!! Bargain! The socks were about £2 each and the blue tights were 50p! Such a good haul. Ive recently been looking for pastel coloured tights and socks to wear when i am feeling fairy kei. Its hard. Tights are expensive..... (−_−;)

I did buy a cupcake yesterday but when the woman put it in the bag she smushed the icing!! ;_; when i got it out it was all ugly and crushed.

I have been working on a super secret project today. I will take a photo tomorrow and show you. It looks so cute up and it hardly took any time at all!! :3

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