Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sock Haul

So me and my housemate were bored today so we decided to go to the local open air shopping centre to look around. I wanted to go to TKMaxx to look at the tights. as it happened i didnt buy any tights at all and bought 4 pairs of socks!!

They were all reduced to 2 pounds each which i though was a pretty good buy!!
Sadly the coloured ones are only knee-high which is a little short for what i like to wear. i feel like they kinda aggresivly chop my legs in half but oh well. they are pretty much in the 3 colours i've been looking for too.
The slouch socks reminded me of japanese loose socks of which i've wanted a pair since i got into japanese fashion and never got a chance to buy. Thankfully the pink "Elle" is on the back of the socks and easily hidden.

Here they are worn with my teddy shoes. they look so cute. :)

Shibuya Cam'd to hide messy room.

Incidentaly these shoes were definitely made to be worn with thick socks. i wore them out the other dar and HOMFG they hurt my feet. they are a little too small and HUG my toes. At least they'll be warm but they really need stretching out and wearing in before i'll be able to wear them all day. shame really cause they look amazingly comfy. :( oh well

In other foot-y news, i bought these (after my feet started get blisters. they were on sale)

I really want to pant them to make them more fairy kei interesting but don't know what to put on them.... hmmm

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