Sunday, 25 September 2011


So i know that most "true" Lolitas look down on bodyline. BUT i'm not a lolita so i don't care! yay!

Here's a couple of items i really want!

Carousel Skirt - I'm addicted to carousel anything right now. carousel horses are so pretty. I really like Angellic Pretty's Sugary Carnival print and i would love the skirt. However i'm very very poor being a student and all and would never be able to afford it. unless there was a very damaged one someone was selling on the cheap that i could fix up. I don't agree with the concept of replicas so, even though i'm not a lolita and don't mind buying bodyline, i would never buy a rip-off of someone else's hard work like that.
However, this print is really really adorable and i plan on buying it when i get the money.
In either lilac or pink. <3

This print is also very cute and it's quite different to anything any big brands have right now. (just cause i don't dress in lolita doesn't mean i don't pay attention. :3)
Would definitely get this in white.

This skirt is adorable i love the heart lace trim. This would probably be a purchase in mint. really loving mint right now.

I totally <3 playsuits. they're so cute and easy to wear. i love the yellow and pinky colouring of this one in particular.

These next skirts are totally adorable but I would probably be able to make one myself. I really like the polka dots and stripes combination that's going on.


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  1. That print is really cute. I have the carousel tote bag in pink. The colors are darker than they appeared to be in the stock photo, but I already suspected it when I ordered.