Saturday, 24 September 2011

101 Things in 1001 days

The other day i joined up to the site Day Zero.
The 101 Things in 1001 Days project is a project in which you have 1001 days (about 3 years) to complete 101 tasks or missions of your choice. They have a have a definitive start and end/ accomplishment. They can be anything from cutting your hair to travelling around the world.

I really liked the idea as i sometimes wake up feeling a bit "meh" about life and my directions.

I don't actually have 101 things yet, i haven't chosen 101 things and i've run out of inspiration at around 70 things. i will most probably add to this list as i go though.

For my sanity i have split them up into different categories and will list them in order of smallest task to largest (within the category)

OK so:

1: Watch a new series of Anime - I want to discover a really good anime and watch it all
2: Watch all Harry Potter films in a row - Harry Potter nerd! yay!
3: Platinum Red Dead Redemption
4: Get 10 friends to recommend 10 books and read them all
5: Go one whole day (24 hours) without technology - this one will be hard because i can't sleep without music playing....

Cooking & Food
6: Try new sushi
7: Open a cookbook to a random page and cook whatever is on it - unless it's fish, blegh
8: Try Bubble Milk
9: Eat Something i have never tried before
10: Cook healthier food
11: Take Cake decorating course
12: Make myself a Bento at least twice a week
13: Create Custome cookbook
14: Go to a proper cupcakery and buy at least 1 cupcake

Clothes & Fashion
14: Dress in Fairy Kei at least once a week
15: Take outfit photo everyday for a week and blog about them
16: Paint a pair of Fairy Kei shoes
17: Wear nothing black for a week
18: Buy at least one item from Angellic Pretty
19: Wear Lolita in public at least once - I've never worn Lolita before but i really want to try it. I've fallen for Angellic Pretty dresses!!
20: Wear a skirt or dress everyday for a week

Health & Beauty
21: Swap snacks for fruit for 1 month
22: Swap snacks for fruit for 2 months
23: Design next tattoo
24: Take vitamins and pills every day for a week (I always forget)
25: Learn 3 new hair styles: /3
26: Wear make up everyday for a week - i like never wear make up
27: Buy 1 pair of circle lens and wear them
28: Grow my hair to chest length
29: Get a hot stone massage
30: Paint my nails a different colour every week for a month

31: Blog no more that 3 times a week
32: Open an Etsy store

33: Get engaged - my boyfriend says he's going to propose on the 1002nd day -_-'
34: Move in with the boyfriend
35: Randomly buy the boyfriend a present - like a nice present
36: Hug Laura everyday for a month - Laura is my best friend and demanded this be put on here. lol
37: Get a New years kiss at midnight

Sewing & crafts
38: Make cute pillow cases for spare pillows - I have 2 spare pillows that are boring and white. they need colour
39: Make myself lots of clothes
40: Make Sailor dress/top
41: Make an amazing Alice Madness Returns Cosplay - to wear to London Expo in october
42: Make a Lolita inspired dress
43: Decoden More

44: Teach or study in Japan for a year
45: Visit Japan as a tourist
46: Go on some kind of road trip with my best friends

Uni & Career
47: Finish my Uni summer project with time to spare
48: Finish uni with a mark i am proud of
49: Get in contact with professional costume designers
50: Work on a Tim Burton film - HIGHLY unlikely within the next 3 years but it's one of my lifes aims
51: Pay off student loan

52: Get a Penpal - anyone wanna be my penpal *puppy dog eyes*
53: Write a letter to myself to open in 1001 days
54: Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
55: Write a letter to future kids
56: Write a handwritten letter to someone
57: Create an inspiration notebook
58: Write an inspirational note to leave in a book for someone to find

Other - Misc things that didn't get a category
59: Get treatment for my phobia - I'm terrified of people being sick and it's gotten much much worse over the last few months. i want hypno therapy
60: Pass driving test
61: Learn Japanese - to a conversational level
62: Build a blanket fort and sleep in it - !!
63: Get more fairy lights
64:Stay in bed for 24 hours
65: Jump in a pile of leaves
66: Do Xmas shopping early
67: Tidy my room - Inprogress....
68: Keep my room tidy for 1 week straight
69: Make a kotatsu
70: Randomly send an "English" present to american friends - My friends out in america love typically british things so i thought it'd be nice to just randomly send them a box of traditionally english things like tea.... and um.... stuff

Yeah that's all i can think of right now. I will definitely add things later but yeah. that's kinda it.

my Day Zero username is Hexi if anyone is interested about my list. i will blag about the relevant stuff here though. :)

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  1. Did you find a penpal yet? I have a list too but mine is at:

    I noticed we have some similar things! :)