Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Other Bloggers Inspiration part 2 - Strawberry Romper suit

The project i've been working on the past couple of days is finally finished!!! :D It looks like something Strawberry Shortcake would wear but it's totally adorable! XD

sorry for the messy room. reeeeeeally need to tidy it.

anyways, basically it's a pair of bloomers with a top attatched. the top part started out in life as just a square of the fabric which i then took in at the waist and part off the bust. it was easier than working out a bodice pattern shape.
I then made the straps just out of long strips folded over.

It was inspired by Laffi's Salopettes.

I found the fabric at my local Fabricland. I was originally in there looking for some amazing fluffy star fleece that i saw in there before and knew it'd be perfect for a cosy fairy-kei jacket for winter. but they had run out! they they said it was unlikely they'd get more in!!1 i was gutted. ;_;
It's really cute fabric, i've seen lots of strawberry fabric in my time but this is by far the best ever. they look so yummy and the fabric itself looks almost quilted! :3 it was actually quite thin in real life so i had to line it with some white poly cotton.
Fabric close-up:

Here it is worn. Sorry about the horrible blurryness. it's terrible at taking photos in the mirror. ><''

can't wait to wear them!!!!! XD

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