Saturday, 17 September 2011

Other Bloggers Inspiration

Recently i've been finding a lot of inspiration for my clothes in images and pictures other bloggers have posted on their own blogs.

I've been pretty ill the past couple days so i made a skirt (as only i do when i'm dying from a cold). It's the most lolita-y thing i've ever made/owned but i really like it.

It is a LITTLE see through though so i will need to put a layer of white fabric under it or something before i can wear it out really.

The inspiration for this came from some pictures on Carousel Dreams

The blue skirt in this one:

And the pink skirt in this one:

Their skirts are probably brand or something but as i dont have ANY money (poor student, hello!) it's easier and cheaper to make my own. also then i can make it look now i want.
I absolutely love Emilia's style and her mixture of sweet lolita and fairy kei is completly adorable.

Here is my skirt:

I have yet to add the details i want yet. this is just to show the shape and stuff. but i really like it. :)

Other blogs i find really inspirational are:

Reiko The Unicorn
Her outlook on life is really up beat and happy and i admire her for dressing how she wants whenever and wherever she wants. :)

Laffi - Millions of Bows
I really love Laffi's style and she usually mixes her fairykei/lolita with accents of black and white which on anyone else would look kinda weird but she pulls it off in style! She mostly thrifts as well which is right up my alley and i like her attitude toward lolita. She's the kind of Loli who, even though she owns brand items, isn't obsessed with it and must be the only thing she owns. Plus she has mad making skills and this is coming from a 21 year old who has been making clothes (whether for myself or my dolls) since she was 6!

Iro Iro
Not a Lolita or fairy kei style blog but i really love the clothes and other thingys she makes for herself.

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