Wednesday, 14 September 2011

PomPom Curtain

My Secret Project i was talking about in my last post was a Pompom curtain!

It's kinda like a bead curtain but made from pompoms!

There aren't many strings simply because just these few used a lot of pompoms.

I just bought a couple packs of mixed sizes pastel pompoms from my local HobbyCraft along with some pink yarn. I then cut the yarn into a length i thought was right for hanging from my ceiling and then using a needle threader (because the yarn is really hard to put through the eye of the needle) threaded up a thick needle and slide the pompoms into place along the yarn length. (you can also tape the end of the yarn flat with sellotape to stop it fraying and make it easier to thread).

I then tied the ends of the strings to a ribbon and attatched it to my ceiling. I used white tack as i didn't have any thumb tacks to use but it doesnt matter as long as it stays.

It's a really nice touch and i feel like i'l in a den when i'm sitting on my bed. XD

I can also tied it to one side with a ribbon when i'm changing my bed covers or whatever. :D

The original inspiration for this came from this image:

I liked how the curtain over the bed seperats the bed from the rest of the room. So cute.

Mine also fits in with my nice new Fairy Kei obession!! :3

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