Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Fairy Kei Nails

I've really been spamming up the Fairy Kei huh?? Well it's my new obsession so I'm allowed.

These nails i started like 2 days ago and only just finished today. The rhinestones all fell off and blah blah blah.
If you ever followed my first blog RadioHexi you'll know that I LOVE to do my nails and nail art and today was the perfect day to get them completed! :D

They aren't my neatest nail art by any means, i really need to invest in some new brushes so i can make those stars neater but they're light and fun and cute and have lots of colours. :D

I'm gagging to do some sewing or SOMETHING right now but i just cant afford to buy any fabric.... until the 28th that is. mwahahaha. but i have a uni project to finish which is really irritating me because it's a drawing project and i'm a maker, not a designer, i can't draw anything that's in my head. I hate my lecturers right now. i can show i know the silhouettes of the 20th century without having to draw it! >:/

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