Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Le Inspirations

Here are a few images that are inspiring me to sew my pants off right now:

I Love these shoes!! I've been looking for a pair of plain plimpsoles to paint up for a while now but instead of My Little Pony i want to Sailor Moon mine up! XD

Sailor Uranus <3 Forever!!

Giant Jumper Love!
Totally love this one, makes me want to do my own! But i'd do it in softer shades i think.

Adorable Bag Alert!!
I love bags, i have soooooo many, they're just so addictive and i love them. this one reminds me of one i tried to make a few years ago with a squishy waterfilled pouch in the front with glitter in, remember when like EVERYTHING had those on? Or was it just when i was a kid in america?? :/

Nakajima Saki, this is her top from the MV of Momoiro Sparkling.
I Love this top, the video shows it off more as the left arm is kinda tight but the right side is like a bat wing top. It's abstract and awesome and i love the Lavender/Lemon stripeage. :D

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