Saturday, 27 August 2011

Snuggly Earmuffs

So i personally have started thinking about winter and how cold it's going to get soon.
I get very cold ears in the winted, they'rew very prone to cold winds and i guess all my piercings doesn't help with the whole, conducting cold/heat thing so they get very cold in the winter. Also with my history of ear problems they hurt soooooo bad if they get too cold.

Last year i trawled the shops and internet for a pair of earmuffs that i liked enough to wear on a daily basis but to no avail. So, my poor ears were cold all winter again.

Well after seeing Himehood's tutorial on Youtube about how to make your own out of a coat hanger, i got my butt onto google for some inspiration for my own pair.

I like the pink fluffy poofyness and the bows.

Rainbows and clouds! totally cute! i like the colours but not the whole tie-under-the-chin-ribbon things. Thats why i could never be a lolita, i hate stuff tied around my chin or my neck etc.

I like the colour and bells thing for a christmas pair. ^_^

I then did a little designing (on gloomy bear paper no less. win!)

I kinda want some ears, just cause they're cute. XD
Might incorporate an old pair of earphones in with it so they can play music and keep my ears warm. I do have a pair of awesome headphones that do kinda the same job but i like the idea of cosy puffiness with the music.

When i move into my new flat i will definitely be taking apart some wire hangers for these!

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