Monday, 29 August 2011

Holy Necomimi!!!

My mind..... is blown.... all over the walls..... i NEED these in my life!!!!

I'm sorry but car ears that react to your brainwaves and move like real cat ears?!?!?! DO WANT!!!

They're made by a company called Neurowear who are at the moment still perfecting them. They are set to release the end of this year and i'm going to start saving right now! i bet they're expensive..... but i don't really care actually. XD Apparently they are going to create more and better ones but i cant think of any other animal ears i'd want that cat ones. OMFG THE COSPLAYS!!! I just hope they get rid of the ugly bar that goes across your forehead (not shown in the demo video).

You can find more about these here.

I need some......

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