Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sewing Withdrawl Symptoms

I have SERIOUS withdrawl symptoms. I'm dying to do some sewing but cant aford the fabric to do any right now. I hopefully get money through soo but i've been obsessing about making things recently. XD

I've been really interested in getting a fairy kei style wardrobe out in the open and have been scouring the iternets for yet more inspirational images and ideas for things to make so here they are.

I love the idea of having bows on the wrists of a cardigan. so cute!

I like the combination of the dress layered over the tutu skirts. the colours are pretty too.

I Loooooooooove this girl's jumper!! so pretty!!

I like the striped schooldress kinda look of this. definitely makes me want to have a striped dress or skirt.

A good idea for parts of fabric i have and need to used up, ie: harry potter fabric!

Cute handmade looking skirt, although the lace trim is massive it looks totally cute with the mint and pink fabrics.

I <3 bloomers!

I dont like the colour or the print but the shape of the dress, the lace trim and the bear ears are totally cute. would really like a dress like this to wear on casual days with tights and Dr Martins or something. :D

That's kinda it for now. my life is very boring while im not at uni, i realise my posts might be fairly repetetive but oh well!!

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