Tuesday, 23 August 2011


So recently i've been totally addicted to whipped cream Decoden,for those who don't know, it's basically a 100% white silicone stuff that you apply to phone cases, tins, boxes etc to represent icing or whipped cream on a cake and add pretty much anything cute. Fimo and polymer food is particularly popular like cookies, cakes, macarons, strawberries and things like that.
Another type of decoden is that which is just rhinestones and gems clustered all over the thing you want to decoden.

I have two phones right now, a Samsung Genio Touch which has interchangeable back covers which i deco'd with rhinestones, mini buttons,a bow sticker and a fabric bow and an Iphone 4 which is decorated with the whipped cream and has fimo fruits, cupcakes etc on.

Left: My Samsung: The rhinestones were bought at The Range, originally bought for my nail art but got promoted to decoden. The red bow was from an old nerckalce i never wore. opposite that used to be a red heart bead that was from the same necklace but it dropped off ages ago. The mini buttons were bought in an craft store, the strawberry is a button that i cut the loop off of, the blue bow is a sticker and the pink heart used to be on an old pen which had a big squisky heart on and had stopped working.

Right: Iphone 4. The star beads i found when i was at my parents and searching through my old room. The top right corner WERE 2 strawberries i made myself from fimo but one fell off. The orange pony used to be a hair clip i never wore, the heart cookies are fimo and the tiny cookie cutter was bought from a craft store, the pink and white cookies and cupcake are made from fimo too. the little slices of fruit dotted around were bought in a nail and hair shop.

They're both very DIY which saved me a lot of money because i had all the items already.

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