Tuesday, 23 August 2011

To be made. . .

So i've been inspired by a lot of things recently. Lots of Yumetenbo clothing and some fairy kei stuff too so here is a list of things i plan on making as soon as i can!

~Lace shorts
I found a tutorial on Honestly WTF for turning a pair of mens boxers into lace shorts.
Well i thought this was ingenius and ive been after a pair for aaaaages. so decided this'd be a cute thing to make for layering under skirts or wearing with a long top and socks.

~ Yumetenbo School Dress

I like the shape and it's very SNSD Chocolate Love-ish

~More Yumetenbo Dresses

More Yumetenbo dresses. i really like them both but will probably only make one. need to find some comfy jersy/stretch fabric. :D

~ Fairy-kei coat
A year or so ago H&M brought out a few short fur coats in black, pink and tan. In fabriclan there is this amazing fluffy star print fleece in pastel colours that i've wanted since forever, very Fairy-kei. Since it's coming up to autumn and winter i decided that it's a perfect time to make an adorable jacket/hoody thing from this fleece. should be adorable. :D and warm!

The only issue now is, how am i going to get the money for it all??? ;_;

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