Wednesday, 4 January 2012

How to Make an Inspiration Board

As part of my room revamp project i decided to take all the stuff off my bulletin board as it was cluttered and looking a bit ugly. So I decided to turn it into a fairy kei inspiration board and decided to make a How To on how i did it.

You Will Need:

Bulletin Board
Fabric to match the theme you are going for
Hot glue gun
inspiring photos/images etc
pins or sticky tac/ something to stick your images on with

Cut the fabric so it's bigger than than the bulletin and the edges are able to fold over to the back.

place the fabric on the front of the board and smooth it out from the centre. then use pins to hold the fabric still.

Next flip the board over and hot glue down 2 parallel sides. Then fold the corners in neatly and glue down the other 2 sides.

You should now have a nice smooth fabric covered board.

Now all you have to do is attack it with your images and things. I decorated mine with outfit inspiration, room inspirationg and other colourful inspiring images. I also used some of the cute and colourful things i had on my old board like different images of cupcakes and cute labels etc.

Looks much better than my old one! :)

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