Monday, 2 January 2012

Bedroom Inspiration

Why did i join tumblr? why? it is slowing sucking my soul and replacing it with pictures of Kyary, My Little Ponies and loads of other stuff that is totally blowing my mind. I also think my boyfriend is a bit concerned with the sudden and immediate obsession with teh interwebz.....

but moving on.

I found most of these pictures floating around Tumblr and as i'm trying to fairy up my room i thought i'd point out exactly what about them i like and what i want to do. :)

GDU Tavuchi for having the most epic of epi bedrooms! I want a low table like that to do my work on. and the heart shaped one is so cute. There is something about japanese bedrooms that are completely amazing. There is so little space that everything has it's own place and there is something really lovely about how they hang fabric and clothes on the walls as a mixture of decoration and storage!

I also want to cover the floor in cute fabric. The carpet in my flat is brown and it's horrible. i think laying out some pieces of fabric (and trapping them underneath stuff of course) would really brighten up my room and Spank!-ify it nicely.

cute bedding! I have serious issues finding cute and affordable bedding. I look everywhere and nothig comes CLOSe to anything this cute. although i'm seriously tempted to buy some plain pink polka dot ones from primark and decorate them myself.

Toys and jewellry and accessory holders. I love this MLP ferris wheel idea for jewellry and i've actually got my eye on a Barbie horse hair styling head for all my hair clips and stuff. think it would totally cuteify and creepify my room. :)

cute funn squishy chairs. you know, to go with my new mini table. plus macaroons are totally amazingcakes.


  1. I feel you so much with those low tables u v u! the one tavuchi has is so perfect! I've been on the hunt for a nice one for the longest time. Those macaron chairs are way cute too! I like your idea of covering the floor :D

  2. I have too! although i was in TK Maxx (TJ Maxx in the us?) the other day and found an ADORABLE purple table and chair set. they were like spindly metal swirls and were teeny. totally adorable. but £50 for the set. ;_;

  3. I have a dolls head that's just been lying around for years, didn't know what to do with it. I like the idea of using it to display hair accessories and such!