Thursday, 5 January 2012

101 Things in 1001 Days

Been a while since i did a post on this.

One of them was

"Get a new year's kiss at midnight" which i did. :3

Next week i am heading back to uni and have decided to mix FICE of the things on my list together:

- Wear Makeup Every Day for a Week
- Learn 3 new Hair styles
- Wear a Skirt or Dress everyday for a week
- Take photos of my outfits for a week and blog about them.
- Spend a week without facebook (although it will probably need to turn into Tumblr as i am WAY more addicted to that than facebook right now)

but the only thing i really need to concentrate on next week is my essay which is practically done anyways so yeah.....

There will be lots of photo-y goodness next week. :) Need to perfect the art of getting my circle lenses in.... :/

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