Sunday, 2 October 2011

DIY Inspiration

I've been looking up a lot of fairy-kei DIY stuff recently. I mean i know all of my fairy kei stuff so far is DIY but i've been looking at more things and there are some really cute ideas that i like.


i think this is an Angelic Pretty skirt. I like the shape and the mint and chocolate colourway




Random stuff:
I like this bag just because of the pig head on the front. it made me giggle. XD

hug me! XD

Now, this isn't a picture for the outfit. This i liked because of her awesome boxes. it's be really cool to buy some hat boxes and cover them in cute paper and decorate your oom, cute and extra storage. :D

YAY for being inspired and not being able to afford fabric to make all of it. :/

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