Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Because it's been FOREVER since I posted anything (sorry!) I though i'd do this cute little list i found on Tumblr today. i don't know the source though sorry! ><

I do have a shapping/haul post in the works and some other stuff so yeah.... i just have no time what with uni becoming horribly work intensive.... but yeah.

1: make me laugh, support my obsessions, play video games, be hygenic and tidy (im really messy so someone has to be tidy. XD), buy me presents.

2: I feel strongly about always reading a franchises books. Whether before or after, it doesnt really matter (but before gets you brownie points). Things such as Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Twilight etc.... all those films become much clearer and understandable once you have read the books. Any film that was originally a book is like this. you understand and see and hear sooo much more if you have already read the story they came from.

3: oh my. so so so many. Memoirs of a Geisha is maybe my favourite though.

4: - wake up stupidly early because of my mysterious pain in my side.
- say goodbye to boyfriend as he leaves for work
- play Draw Something for an hour while lolling around in bed
- leave to go home (getting in at 9.00am)
- Do uni work
- go to drs appointment
- get food and snacks at the korean food store
- pick up prescription
- go home and do more uni work
-sit on Tumblr for 2 hours
_ write blog post.

that's it so far. XD

5: "i regret meeting you with everyt cell in my body. I am so so happy you are out of my life. go stalk someone else you total creep." enuf said

6: Some of it is good, some of it is awful and makes no sense to me. I'm obviously getting old.

7: people spelling your and you're wrong (same goes for there, they're and their.), people not taking care of their DVDs properly and then i borrow them and they dont work because they are scratched, My boyfriend not having good pillows, people using or borrowing my stuff without asking or returning them in a worse condition than when i lent it to them. people asking me to do things i was gonna do anyways.

is that 5?

8: oh my. for breakfast i had toast with peanut butter and apricot jam on and a yoghurt. For lunch because i was feeling so rubbish i treated myself to a croissant and a doughnut and i have just eaten an entire pot of yummy korean snacks. not the healthiest of days. i usuall eat better than this. :/

9: Very (see pet peeve number 1). However i don't think something as high as a uni/college education is particularly essential. unless you are becoming a Dr... or something like that. I'd like my doctors to be uni and med schooled please. lol

1- Army of Me (Sucker Punch remix) - Sucker Punch soundtrack
2- Early Bird - Buono!
3- Circle the Drain - Katy Perry
4 - It's Getting Boring by the Sea - Blood Red Shoes
5- Healing Incantation - Mandy Moore, Tangled Soundtrack
6- SEXY BOY - Morning Musume
7- Anyone Else But You - Michael Cera and Ellen Page version, Juno Soundtrack
8- Bird - YaoYao
9- Somewhere Only We Know - Glee Cast (about time a glee song came up)
10- Deadman's Gun - Ashtar Command, Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack

11: What about my family? I have a mum and dad, still together, and a little brother..... well he's taller than me so not exactly little anymore.... and he turns 20 this year so..... waaah i'm so old.

12: YAY!
1- Darren Chriss
2- Daniel Radcliffe
3- My boyfriend (obvs)
4- Jim Parsons
5- Peeta Mellark (not Josh Hutchison. The book character. he's so lovely. and even though he ends up a but.... mentally challenged at the end i'm happy Katniss ends up with him. He loves/loved her so much. :3)
BONUS 6 - Kyo Sohms (while we are on the streak of fictional characters, let's chuck Kyon in there too. :3)

13: My body isn't horrible. i mean it's not a size 10 like i'd like it to be but i'm not always disgusted by it. My tummy is a bit big for my liking, i want it flatter and my thighs could do with a could cms off but other than that i'm not that uncomfortables with my body. i mean i dont show my midriff ever but thats tacky anyways.

14: I am currently wearing mint green tights, yellow shorts with pastel pink and purple drips around the bottom (which i painted on myself. :3) a H&M top with cupcakes on that says "Cutest of cupcakes" (i heart cupcakes) and a navy blue cardigan.

15: Taurus - it's actually pretty close. I'm stubborn etc. i try to ignore the "does not play well with others and is self centred" part though. XD

16: "What if Voldemort got his hands on muggle WMDs?"

17: uh..... my costume i am currently making. and how much harder it is than anything i have done previously.

18: forgetting everything.

1- Angelic Pretty Decoration Dream necklace in Lavender
2- some kind of pretty Deco-den case for my phone
3- size D cup boobs (4 cups smaller than mine atm)
4- the Japanese disney store (yes the whole thing)
5- a beautifully decorated bedroom

20: people being sick, the dark, glass floors, being buried alive

21: I hope to be a costume maker for large productions or films, possibly maybe work for a museum restoring a replicating costumes. Or i'd like to open a Cupcakery. My more immediate future i'd like to teach English in Japan for a year.

22: what academics? I'm doing a costume course. there are no academics.

23: My Guinea Pig. she was the love of my life and had to get put down. i loved her so so so much.

24: "Bazinga"
voldemort going "AVADA KEDAVRA" in DHpt2. how he says it is so funny.
Hermione telling ron he has the emotional range of a teaspoon.
Also ron saying "I'd love to know what the ministry'd do to me if i blew up an aunt. mind you they'd have to dig me up first because mum would've killed me" in Prisoner of Azkaban.
this stupid little "herr-herr" laugh me and my housemates do sometimes. lol

25: Whether i'll get this costume done on time. PANIC PANIC PANIC

26: there's nothing in particular that i like about myself but then, there isnt much that i particularly dislike either. :/

27: "Have faith in how far you will go and be proud of where you have been" or something to that effect. i cant remember exactly lol. also "the people who matter don't care and the people who care don't matter"

28: Is this a trick question? I think Japan is obvious..... I'd love to visit Venic again.... Also America. I lived there as a child but i'd like to see the things we saw with adult eyes. Also somewhere suuuuper pretty like the caribbean or something.

29: Custard, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (she's weird. XD), Tuna straight out of the can (i'm told thats weird), tidying my room (it gets super messy super fast so i guess this is good, my special diet (it's a special diet not to loe weight but to aid my digestion etc and i actually quite like being on it. i dont really miss the things i cant eat anymore. :))


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